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Jackie Dakich

Jackie Dakich serves as an investigator and party advisor using skills and knowledge based on twenty-five years working on issues of domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, and sexual assault.



  • Domestic Violence Deputy Prosecutor Unit Head, Monroe County, Indiana Prosecutor’s Office (MCPO)

  • Sex Crimes Unit, Second-Chair Attorney, MCPO

  • Juvenile Delinquency Deputy Prosecutor, MCPO



Indiana University, J.D.
Indiana University, B.A (Psychology and Criminal Justice)


Jackie Dakich brings over twenty-five years of subject-matter expertise to her work as an investigator and party advisor in Title IX matters.

With an abiding respect for fair process, Jackie conducts sexual misconduct investigations for institutions of higher education.  She brings a focused attention to investigative detail, having reviewed thousands of police reports in her twenty-five years as a deputy prosecutor.  In that role, Jackie was responsible for examining the evidence collected by law enforcement, identifying areas where additional investigative work was required, and evaluating the strength and meaning of the information collected.  Held in high esteem by the judges and opposing counsel with whom she interacted, Jackie received the Outstanding Public Service Award from the Monroe County Commissioners in 2016.  A recognized thought leader in the field, Jackie has participated in conferences on domestic violence throughout the state of Indiana as chair, presenter, trainer, and panel member.

Jackie also serves as a party advisor to complainants and respondents in Title IX matters.  Having spent a career advocating in the criminal courtroom thinking quickly on her feet, Jackie is an expert at cross-examination and at applying the concepts of relevance and admissibility.  She enjoys assisting parties in a Title IX investigation to better understand the grievance process, and she excels at identifying critical evidentiary issues for cross-examination.

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