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Members of our firm draw on deep experience delivering full-service Title IX solutions to colleges, universities, and K-12 districts nationwide, ranging from high schools to small liberal arts colleges to some of the nation’s largest university systems.


While our firm specializes in providing sexual misconduct investigative services, we provide services that guide administrators through every facet of Title IX, from interpreting complex and evolving regulations, to developing comprehensive and compliant policies, to investigating and adjudicating allegations of sexual misconduct on campus.


  • Investigative Services: Drawing upon our extensive subject-matter knowledge, we conduct objective, thorough and developmentally appropriate investigations into allegations of sexual harassment, sexual assault, relationship violence, inappropriate relationships, and stalking.  

  • Compliant Investigation Systems: We work with institutional staff to develop and implement comprehensive and Title IX-compliant systems for complaint intake and investigations that are tailored to the needs and resources of each client. Based on our extensive work as in-house Title IX coordinators and investigators, we help institutions establish efficient record-keeping systems, create functional templates for correspondence and reports, and develop interview protocols.

  • Investigation Training: We provide Title IX investigator training tailored to the policies and procedures of each client institution both through one-on-one sessions and in larger groups. Based on our experience conducting hundreds of sexual misconduct investigations, we teach in-house investigators how to conduct fair and effective interviews, interpret evidence, analyze information, make credibility assessments, and draft thorough investigation reports.


  • Hearing Officer Services: We preside over sexual misconduct adjudications as external hearing officers, providing a neutral, unbiased perspective while maintaining confidentiality and treating all involved parties with dignity and respect. We draw on our legal training to establish hearing ground rules, make determinations about appropriate lines of questioning, and engage in thoughtful findings contained in well-written hearing decisions.

  • Party Advisors: Members of our firm serve as party advisors, assisting and supporting complainants and respondents through the investigative and/or hearing process.

  • Remote Capabilities: We employ state-of-the-art, secure technology that allows us to conduct hearings remotely while sharing investigation reports and hearing materials confidentially and efficiently.

Counseling, Compliance, & Prevention

  • Systemwide Compliance Audits: We analyze our clients’ policies and procedures surrounding Title IX and the VAWA amendments to the Clery Act to ensure compliance according to the current state of the law and federal guidance documents, as well as our own best practices developed over many years working for OCR, in house at various institutions, and as external investigators.

  • Best Practices: We work with clients to assess their response history regarding reports of sexual harassment and assault, relationship violence, inappropriate relationships, and stalking on campus. We identify opportunities to refine the institution’s approach with an eye toward prevention and inclusion.

  • Prevention Programming: We deliver balanced, cutting-edge, and interactive sexual assault prevention programs designed specifically for athletic teams, Greek chapters, residential units, and other student groups.

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