Conduct impartial sexual misconduct investigations, including sensitive, confidential investigations concerning high-level university administration and faculty

Serve as neutral external hearing officer and preside over student sexual misconduct adjudications



Conduct system-wide Title IX and VAWA compliance audits using compliance rubric based on current state of the law, federal guidance documents, and "best practices" criteria which are rooted in lessons learned from involvement in hundreds of sexual misconduct investigations


Assist institutions with efforts to comply with evolving federal requirements under Title IX and VAWA regarding sexual harassment and assault, dating/domestic violence, and stalking


Help create Title IX-compliant investigation systems, including training investigators, creating investigative templates, and drafting uniform interviewing protocols


Evaluate past responses to campus sexual misconduct and provide recommendations for future improvements

Train student affairs staff and K-12 administrators who handle Title IX matters

Provide balanced, cutting-edge, and interactive sexual assault prevention programs to student groups, including athletic teams, Greek chapters, and residential units