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Experienced. Impartial. Fair. Respectful.

Providing Title IX investigations, adjudications, training, and compliance consulting in the area of campus sexual assault and K-12 sexual misconduct.

Rebecca Leitman Veidlinger has built upon her distinguished background in law, criminal justice, and higher education by assembling a group of top-notch professionals who deliver impartial, full-spectrum legal counsel on all aspects of Title IX compliance.


This talented team includes attorneys and investigators with deep Title IX experience within the higher education environment, in government roles at all levels, as a sex crimes and domestic violence prosecutor, and in private legal practice.

Our Approach

  • Investigations

Our team understands the high stakes surrounding sexual misconduct allegations and conducts comprehensive, impartial investigations that respect the circumstances of all participants. We know claims are sensitive and that the parties involved deserve an investigator who is unbiased, experienced, and knowledgeable. Drawing on Rebecca’s experience as a trained forensic investigator, our approach is informed by best practices developed from conducting hundreds of sexual misconduct investigations at institutions across the country.

  • Hearing Officer Role

Efficient and effective, we are the neutral resource clients need to address and adjudicate accusations of sexual assault. When matters escalate, the RLV Law team serves as experienced hearing officers, impartially presiding over sexual misconduct adjudications. Our focused and highly professional approach means we can step into an institution’s adjudicative process, providing peace of mind that hearings and the final written decision will be thorough and thoughtful.

  • Counseling

As counselors, we work with institutions to evaluate and revise policies and procedures to prevent misconduct and ensure Title IX compliance. We carefully monitor and interpret the evolving regulatory and litigation landscape, offering thoughtful and prudent advice based on our team’s combined four decades in the field.

Our Clients

We work with a diverse, nationwide clientele that includes


  • Public and private colleges and universities

  • Community colleges

  • Professional schools

  • Faith-based educational institutions

  • Public and private K-12 districts

Rebecca Leitman Veidlinger has a distinguished background in law, criminal justice, and higher education.

Rebecca Leitman Veidlinger

From sensitive investigations and impartial adjudications to compliance counseling and in-depth training programs, Rebecca serves as a valuable resource for institutions of higher education and K-12 school districts across the country.

Her deep respect for due process and fairness guides every engagement, whether conducting investigations into sexual misconduct allegations, providing Title IX compliance audits, serving as an impartial hearing officer, or delivering preventative and other Title IX training services.

A trained forensic interviewer, Rebecca has conducted and supervised hundreds of investigations of school-related sexual misconduct, including sexual harassment, sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and improper relationships. By drawing on deep experience in the field, she tailors her approach with developmentally appropriate and trauma-informed techniques that address the unique circumstances of each participant in the investigative process with compassion and respect.

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