Rebecca works with a team of affiliated professionals to provide comprehensive Title IX investigative,  adjudicative, and consulting services to educational institutions.


Adminstrative Law Judge

Mary DuFour Morrow

Dr. Lisa Markman

Administrative Law Judge Mary DuFour Morrow serves as a hearing officer and presides over Title IX adjudications for educational institutions nationwide. 


Judge Morrow has a long career in public service with a focus on criminal justice, higher education, and administrative law.

Prior to joining the federal government as an administrative law judge, Judge Morrow served as an assistant prosecuting attorney with the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office, where she handled hundreds of felony cases, including sexual assaults.  In 2010, she was named Project Director for the National Institute of Justice Detroit Sexual Assault Kit Action Research Project, which examined over 11,000 untested rape kits dating back 25 years.  During the project, Judge Morrow oversaw the development of model policies and procedures pertaining to victim notification and the adjudication of sexual assault cases.  

Judge Morrow brought her extensive experience in sexual assault to the University of Michigan where she worked as a Title IX Investigator in 2015, conducting sensitive investigations into allegations of sexual misconduct and determining whether the institutions’s code of conduct had been violated.

In 2016,  Judge Morrow joined the Prosecuting Attorneys Association of Michigan as the Project Director of a statewide Sexual Assault Kit Initiative.   As part of that project, she organized and directed the inventory and testing of all rape kits statewide, and she developed multidisciplinary training for law enforcement, victim advocates, and prosecutors that addresses the complex issues associated with sexual assault cases. 

Judge Morrow has been the recipient of the prestigious "Champion of Justice" award from the State Bar of Michigan and the “Advocate of the Year” award from the Michigan Council on Child and Maternal Health.  She is a graduate of Wayne State University and the Wayne State University Law School.  

Dr. Lisa Markman provides expert information and opinions in Title IX matters involving sexual assault forensic evidence kits, adolescent sexual development and health, psychological and medical issues related to injury, and the impacts of drugs and alcohol on individuals. 

As a board certified pediatrician and child abuse pediatrician, Dr. Markman is a physician and consultant who specializes in medical, forensic and psychological findings in cases of sexual assault.  Dr. Markman was previously the co-medical director of the University of Michigan Child Protection Team, where she provided care for hundreds of patients and families where there were concerns of sexual abuse and assault.  Drawing on her profound expertise in the field, Dr. Markman has testified as an expert witness in both family and criminal court. 


Dr. Markman regularly engages in public speaking and professional trainings.  She has provided education to professionals on the medical aspects of sexual assault, sexually transmitted infections, and human trafficking.  Dr. Markman has served on multiple panels at public events hosted by the University of Michigan Law School, and she was recently the key note speaker for the University of Michigan Adolescent Health Initiative on Identifying and Supporting Trafficked Youth. 

Dr. Markman has worked as a pediatrician in both the academic and private setting.  She completed her pediatric internship/residency at The Children's Hospital in Denver, Colorado.  She is a graduate of the Wayne State School of Medicine (M.D.) and the University of Michigan (B.A. in psychology).