Anika Awai-Williams

Anika Awai-Williams has the legal acumen, a mastery of the compliance landscape, extensive in-house Title IX experience, and the strong interpersonal skills required to successfully provide a range of Title IX services to institutions of higher education.

Anika Awai-Williams


  • Title IX Coordinator, Eastern Michigan University

  • Title IX Investigator, Eastern Michigan University

  • Legal Advocate & Counselor for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, SafeHouse Center, Ann Arbor, Michigan

  • Legal Liaison/Program Manager, University of Michigan, Division of Student Affairs and Dean of Students (Central Student Government/Dean of Students)



  • Hofstra University School of Law, J.D.

  • Loyola University Chicago School of Law, L.L.M. (International Law)

  • University of Michigan, B.A. (Political Science and Cultural Anthropology)

  • University of Michigan Office of Student Conflict Resolution, Certified Social Justice Mediator

Anika Awai-Williams has devoted her professional career both to preventing sexual misconduct in education and to responding to concerns of possible sexual misconduct.  Anika brings a depth of experience to her Title IX work, having previously served as the Title IX Coordinator for Eastern Michigan University.  In that role, Anika oversaw the University’s drafting and adoption of its new Title IX policy and grievance procedures in compliance with the U.S. Department of Education’s 2020 Title IX regulations.  Anika also directed the University’s response to all reports of possible sex discrimination, and she was responsible for monitoring outcomes, identifying and addressing patterns of concerning conduct, implementing supportive measures, and assessing the campus climate.  Her work as Title IX Coordinator also included leading the campus’s prevention and education efforts; Anika has trained and educated thousands of students, faculty and staff about the University’s policy and grievance process, support options, and mandatory reporting requirements.

Prior to her work as a Title IX Coordinator, Anika served as a Title IX investigator, conducting investigations of complaints involving sexual assault, sexual and/or gender-based harassment, intimate partner violence, stalking, and retaliation.  In that position, Anika handled numerous sensitive and high-profile investigations involving students, faculty, and administrative staff.  These experiences in the Title IX world have given Anika a profound understanding of how sexual misconduct investigations and adjudications impact the individuals involved, and—recognizing those impacts—she brings clear communication, transparency, level-headedness, and respect to every engagement.

Anika provides a range of sexual misconduct services to institutions of higher education, including serving as an interim Title IX Coordinator, conducting investigations, serving as a hearing officer, and providing compliance consulting.  While Anika’s unique combination of training—as a lawyer and mediator—informs her approach to all of her Title IX work, her expertise qualifies her in particular to lead alternative resolutions in matters where informal resolution is appropriate.   Institutions engage Anika to provide the fair, level-headed, and creative leadership required to resolve complaints of sexual misconduct through alternative resolution processes.